Things I Read and Loved This Week

  • How “Self-Care” Went From Radical to Frou-Frou to Radical Once Again by Aisha Curry, Slate

    • “Women and people of color viewed controlling their health as a corrective to the failures of a white, patriarchal medical system to properly tend to their needs.”

  • The unique harm we cause when we dissect a powerful woman’s love life by Monica Hesse, Washington Post

    • “We talk about men abusing power. We talk about women not even deserving power. The distinction matters, because the conversation isn’t really about sex, it’s about legitimacy. It’s about who we think has earned the right to be successful, and what criteria we’ll invent, and who we’ll apply it to.”

  • The wind sometimes feels in error by Luke O’Neil, Welcome to Hell World

    • "“When someone is gone you can hear their name once and it makes them exist all over again their past and their future all coalescing right in your present. They won’t know it but you do and then it’s your problem to figure out what to do with the burden.”