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12 Low-Maintenance Houseplants Even Beginners Can Keep Alive

If you have a limited amount of space and sunlight — and even more limited experience — you can still reap the benefits.

Here's Where to Get Your Favorite Beauty Products via Curbside Pickup

Some retailers will have your favorite skin-care products, hair care, and makeup, packed and ready in as little as 30 minutes.

8 Cyber Monday Deals on Air Purifiers to Freshen Up Your Space

If we're forced to stay indoors, then breathe easy with one of these room-freshening air purifiers.



Give Your Back a Break: 10 Home Office Items to Help You Set up a More Ergonomic Workspace

Your home office is probably overdue for a makeover.

Martha Stewart


5 Simple Ways to Become More Productive Each Day

Realistic deadlines, frequent breaks, and a flexible to-do list will help you accomplish more.

Five of the Best Toys for Cleaning Your Dog's Teeth

An expert in veterinary dentistry weighs in on these picks.

These Homemade Air Fresheners Will Make Your Space Smell So Clean

Looking to eradicate many household odors? For persistent problems, use these natural remedies including eucalyptus, lemon, essential oils, and vinegar.

The Best Cat Breed for You, Based on Your Personality Type

Find out which type of cat is best suited to your lifestyle.

The Best Dog Breed for You, Based on Your Personality Type

The executive secretary of the American Kennel Club stresses how important it is to consider one's lifestyle before inviting a new family member into your home.

What's the Difference Between Beveled Glass and Regular Glass?

Using a beveled glass adds a special touch to your project.

How to Take Care of Your Shoes and Keep Them Looking Like New

Keep your favorite footwear looking their best with these cleaning tips.

Which Bones Are Safe for Dogs to Chew?

The chief veterinarian of the American Kennel Club explains the difference between raw, cooked, and manufactured.

How to Prepare Your Closet for a New Season

Follow these tips to seamlessly transition your wardrobe from warm weather to cold and back again.

The Most Beautiful Flower Fields to Visit in the U.S.

From coast to coast—California to Florida, and all of the states in between—here's where to go to find the most beautiful flower fields in America this year.

What's the Difference Between a Saltwater and a Chlorine Pool?

We explore the merits of both options.

10 Overlooked Dog Breeds That Make for Great Family Pets

Looking to adopt a new friend into the family? You may be surprised to see these recommendations by the AKC.

The 10 Best DIY Halloween Party Invitation Ideas

Strike anticipation into the hearts of your guests with invitations that set a spooky mood the moment they emerge from the envelope

The Kitchn


25 Easy Pescatarian Dinners to Make Right Now

As someone who’s been a pescatarian for several years now, I’ve found that the key is to embrace the things you can eat, rather than focusing on the things that you can’t.

This Kitchen Remodel Wasn't Cheap, but the Results Are Incredible

When Colette purchased this 1930s Spanish-style home, her goal was to do a full remodel that included this dated kitchen. The goal: Put to use all that she has learned over the years while writing her design blog.

A Simple and Surprising Addition to Roasted Brussels Sprouts? Grapes.

Highlight that rich, caramelized flavor by pairing it with something sweet. 

This Surprising $6 Find Is the Key to a More Organized Freezer, According to The Home Edit

Wait until you see the 'After' shot!

The Secret Ingredient to a Perfect Vinaigrette Is … Water

Just a bit mellows out all the flavors so that each can shine through.

The Brilliant (but Easy!) Spice Organizing Tip I Got from a Pro Chef

Alphabetizing your spices will kick your cooking into high gear.

Gordon Ramsay’s Extra-Easy Tip for Scrambled Eggs

Fewer dishes, less time, better eggs? Yes, please.

I Cooked Ina Garten’s Recipes for a Whole Week. Here Are 5 Things I Discovered.

Ina Garten’s book, Cook Like A Pro, is all about helping home cooks (like me!) gain confidence in the kitchen.

My Secret Weapon for Laundry Is a Simple $18 Kitchen Tool

It's key for certain unmentionables.

10 Recipes You Can Make with All Trader Joe’s Ingredients

These are for the die-hard fans.

10 Veggie-Heavy Recipes That Aren’t Salads

These creative, good-for-you recipes are far from boring.

I Can’t Stop Making Ina Garten’s Rule-Breaking Eggplant Parm

This might just be the best thing to come out of my kitchen.

Dryer Sheets Are Bad and You Should Stop Using Them ASAP
Not only does fabric softener not do what it promises, but it also prevents the fabrics from functioning the way they’re designed.

Everything You Need to Know About the Pescatarian Diet

Adopting a pescatarian diet turned out to be easier and more accessible than I thought.

This Kitchen’s $7,500 Facelift Was a Smart Use of Money

High-gloss tile and open shelving made a world of difference.

I Found the 5 Best Vegetarian Frozen Dinners at Trader Joe’s

TJ's to the rescue!

This Rental Kitchen DIY Is the Best Thing on the Internet

There are only so many changes you can make to a kitchen you don't own.

4 Little Things That Actually Make Doing the Dishes Way More Tolerable

All you need is some fun music, a good attitude, and the right supplies.

The $12 IKEA Hack That Literally Transformed My Tiny Kitchen

What can't a LACK table do?

Before and After: This Rental Kitchen Spruce-Up Cost Just $150

... And it didn't break the lease.

10 Easy Low-Carb Dinners That’ll Cost You Less than $10

Simple, inexpensive, and delicious.

This Pro Organizer’s 6-Step Plan Will Declutter Your Kitchen

You don’t need to spend a bunch of cash on fancy containers to get your kitchen in working order.

Apartment Therapy


Don’t Waste Your Money on Fresh Flowers—Buy Dried Flowers Instead

I’ve had bouquets for years that are as colorful and fragrant as the day I bought them.

My Secret Laundry Weapon is a Common, Easy to Use $15 Kitchen Tool

There's nothing I dreaded more than seeing a hand-wash tag on my new favorite shirt. Until now.

5 Simple, Affordable Things That Helped Me Get Over My Hatred of Laundry

Laundry can be the most exhausting and tedious chore, or it can be an excuse to unwind.

Before and After: A Random Catchall Room Gets a Storage-Packed IKEA Upgrade

Instead of a hodgepodge of furniture and decor, it's now a highly functional mudroom, ready to organize all of Kristina's incoming and outgoing things.

Before and After: This Gutted Kitchen Is Now Both Hard-Working and Serene

The Philadelphia row house hadn't been upgraded in 60 years, so Kristy knew it would be a fixer-upper when she bought it.

Before & After: This $400 Bathroom Redo Has a Genius Way to Cover Textured Walls

Before Ashley put her guest house on Airbnb, she wanted to give its bathroom a fun update.

Before & After: A Mini $250 Makeover for That Awkward Space Under the Stairs

It became the hardest-working area in the house.

Before and After: This Dresser Hack Involves Peel-and-Stick Products

The fact that these drawers will probably live to be middle-aged is a true testament to the value of giving quality antique furniture a simple makeover.

Before and After: A Super Low ($150!) Budget Kitchen Spruce-Up

And it only took four hours.

These 6 Hacks Make Laundry Day Much Less of a Chore

Here are some of the best changes people have made to their setups to become more efficient.

The One Place You Haven’t Thought to Paint But Totally Should

Painting a door is a time-efficient, budget-friendly way to refresh a room.



21 Borderline Genius Packing Tips That Will Save Space And Your Sanity

1. Pack your bags 2. Take out half of what you packed


Tell Us Your Bathroom Habits And We'll Guess How Often You Cry

These are actually controversial.


21 Cooking Charts That'll Make Any Foodie Say "Excuse Me, What?!"

* prints and tapes to fridge *


21 Balanced Lunch Ideas With A Ton Of Protein And No Meat

Running out of lunch ideas? These will keep you going.


Make A Cozy Bed And We'll Give You A Show To Watch On Netflix

It's hibernation season.


14 Cheap AF Organization Hacks That'll Actually Make Your Life So Much Easier

Organize your cords in toilet paper rolls and clean up your sock drawer with cardboard.


We Can Guess Your Birth Order Based On Your Reaction To These Gifts

Classic middle child syndrome *eye roll*


9 Pinterest Hacks That Might Just Make Summer A Little More Bearable

The real question is, where am I not sweating?


15 Soundproofing Tricks To Try If Your Neighbors Are Keeping You Up At Night

Did you know that plants can help reduce sound? I sure as hell didn't!


31 Beauty Products From Walmart That Are Useful To Pack In An Overnight Bag

If you're going out of town or spending the night elsewhere, check out these must-have beauty products perfect for a quick trip.


31 Inexpensive Beauty Products From Target People Say Deliver High-End Results

The goal is to look like a million bucks, not spend it.


31 Things Under $100 From Walmart That’ll Help Update Every Room In Your House

You basically spend all of your time at home, so you might as well make it as beautiful as it can be.


52 Best Romantic Gifts For Valentine's Day

I've transformed into a warm pile of goo after just thinking about giving these beautiful items away as gifts.


13 "Friends" Moments That'll Make You Want To Binge-Watch All 10 Seasons (Yet Again)

"Meet Princess Consuela Banana Hammock!"


31 Top-Rated Beauty Products From Target That Are Popular For A Reason

I am actually so tempted to throw my entire beauty product collection and start from scratch because these products are amazing.


31 Things From Wayfair That’ll Help Make Any Messy Home So Much More Manageable

For those who hate to tidy but hate having a cluttered home more.


If You Like Your Home To Be Totally Spotless, Here Are 31 Things From Target For You

Stain-lifting pads, toilet gel stamps, power scrubbers, and other items that'll make your cleaning routine so much easier!


7 Things "The West Wing" Reunion Special Nailed About Voting

If you have the right to vote, it's imperative that you use it.


15 Of The Best Organization Tips From "The Home Edit" On Netflix

Whether you have a small studio apartment or more space than you know what to do with.


I Made Joanna Gaines' Famous Chocolate Pie Recipe (And It Was Ridiculously Good)

Jo says it's the most requested dessert in her house — and after making it, I can see why.


Are You More Clea Or Joanna From "The Home Edit" On Netflix?

You can only be one.


21 Cleaning Products From Amazon You'll Probably Want If You're A Pet Owner

Everything pet-lovers need to keep their homes clean from mini carpet cleaners to odor eliminators.


25 Cleaning Products From Walmart That So Good, They Could Almost Be Magic

Products that'll clean your shower in a spritz, wring your mop out with a twist, and dissolve the grease from your grill with a mist.


31 Cleaning Products From Target You'll Probably End Up Using Again And Again

Break out your rubber gloves, your spray bottle, and your scrubbing brushes, because it's time for a deep clean.


31 Things From Wayfair That Will Magically Give Your Home More Space

Your humble (re cramped) abode is going to feel so roomy once you add some space-saving-nesting tables, a kitchen cart, and a storage ottoman to the mix.


10 Expert Tips For Organizing Your House & Kitchen In A Not-Stressful Way

Start with these.


31 Things From Target For Anyone Who Has More Clothing Than They Know What To Do With

Your puny closet isn't cut out to store what is basically a small Forever 21, but don't worry, we'll make it work.


If These 31 Products From Target Don't Help You Stay Organized, Nothing Will

Compression bags, lazy Susans, drawer organizers, and everything else you need to bring some order to your home.


31 Products From Target That'll Help Give Your Outdoor Space The Glow-Up It Deserves

Ceiling fans to keep you cool, chaise lounges to keep you relaxed, and C tables so you can work outside while you sunbathe.


31 Cleaning Products From Target That May Make You Think, "Where Have You Been All My Life?"

You better take some before pictures now, because the transformation is going to be stunning.


23 Products Amazon Reviewers Swear By For Their Puppies

Everything you need to keep your puppy safe, happy, healthy, and well-behaved.


29 Beauty Products From Walmart That'll Feel Like A Treat

A few sheet masks, a new nail polish, and a scalp scrub are all you need to make every day feel like a spa day.


Zoe Adjonyoh Wants You To Eat More African Cuisines

Zoe Adjonyoh on her professional journey as a queer chef, her struggle to break away from her role as the token Ghanaian chef, and the joys of having a partner to share her work with.


Here's Exactly What I Cook And Eat While Working From Home

Houston native Jazzmine Woodard, 30, sticks to a work-from-home meal routine that's nutritious and under-budget.


31 Things From Walmart That'll Help Give Your Outdoor Space The Glow-Up It Deserves

Fans, coolers, gazebos, and dining sets to give you the yard, patio, or porch you've always wanted.


28 Surprisingly Stylish Pairs Of Sandals You Can Get At Walmart

Summer footwear fashions for nearly every warm-weather occasion your feet will lead you to.


23 Things From Walmart To Help Refresh Your Bedroom

Whimsical statues, mid-century dressers, and minimalist comforters for your next bedroom makeover.


15 Things From Amazon To Help You Train A New Puppy

Clickers, doorbells, books, and other goodies that will help you raise your little fur baby.


18 Things From Amazon For Your Pet To Play With Outdoors This Summer

Bubble machines, splash pads, glow-in-the-dark balls, and more.


31 Practical Products From Target That Are Totally Worth The Investment

Every single item on this list is an answer to at least one of your problems.


32 Pieces Of Clothing From Target That Inspired Hundreds Of People To Leave A Five-Star Review

Loose-fitting camis, distressed cutoffs, and sleeveless dresses are essential staples of a summer wardrobe.


All The Best Deals At Target Right Now

Save on furniture, underwear, toys, and more.


23 Pieces Of Clothing From Walmart That Are Great For Both Lounging And Working Out

You're multitasking, and your clothes should too.


31 Things From Target That'll Basically Make Your Home Look Like It's Straight Out Of A Magazine

With farmhouse shelves, boho storage chests, and mid-century accent chairs, we've got gorgeous finds for every decor style.


21 Balanced Lunch Ideas With A Ton Of Protein And No Meat

Running out of lunch ideas? These will keep you going.


I Tried A Bunch Of TikTok Life Hacks (And Some Were Low-Key Brilliant)

Here's what's worth your time — and what's definitely not.


58 (Really Good) 3-Ingredient Recipes To Save For Later

:: bookmarks ::


25 Everyday Hacks Now That We're Home All The Damn Time

Anybody home?? 🙃


22 Homemade Bread Recipes If You Can't Find Yeast At The Store

No yeast? No problem.


9 ~Hacks~ For Keeping Hackers Out Of Your Smart Home Devices

No, your dog's name is not a good password.


31 Things From Walmart That’ll Help You Renovate Your Home

Drawer pulls, roller paint kits, and adhesive floor tiles that'll help you spiff up every room in the house.


31 Useful Organization Products From Walmart That’ll Help Make A Big Difference

With a turntable, a few hooks, and a label maker, there is nothing you can't do.


31 Things From Walmart That’ll Help Make Your Home Look Fancier

A sunburst mirror, trendy chandelier, and a ruffled shower curtain are basically all you need to upgrade your home.


21 Essential Tips I Wish I'd Known Before Trying To Hang A Gallery Wall

Make paper templates of your frames so you can plan out your gallery wall before you put holes in the wall.


31 Basic Tools From Walmart That Everyone Should Probably Have In Their Home

You're gonna be a pro before you know it.


33 Electronics Deals On Walmart That Are Worth Checking Out

Deals on video games, Wi-Fi routers, phone cases, drones, and more.


29 Things From Walmart That Might Inspire A New DIY Project

What's cooler than people complimenting your home? People complimenting your home which you totally DIYed.


31 Double-Duty Products From Walmart That'll Help Organize Your Home

It's time to *double down* on your shopping and organizing.


31 Things From Walmart That'll Make Your Home Feel Bigger Than It Actually Is

Maximize that space. 👏


30 Things From Walmart To Pamper Yourself With When The Holidays Get Stressful

Is there anything that the smell of lavender can't fix?


31 Toys From Walmart For Almost Every Kid On Your List

🎶Saaaaanta's comin' to town 🎶


31 Of The Best Practical Gifts To Get At Walmart

They're *practically* perfect.


30 Pieces Of Bedding From Walmart That Only Look Expensive

Treat yourself to a marbled pillow, a vintage quilt, a jewel-toned blanket, or a set of satin sheets.


31 Colorful (And Surprisingly Stylish) Pieces Of Furniture From Walmart

A pretty-in-pink headboard, a show-stopping set of bright red chairs, and a blue-tiful dining room cabinet for your viewing pleasure.


31 Useful Organization Products Under $20 That You Can Get At Walmart

A coat rack, a label maker, and a couple of lazy Susans are just what you need to get your house in order.


29 Things From Walmart That'll Help Cooking Go Faster

You'll have dinner on the table in an Instant (Pot).


31 Essentials From Walmart To Help Take Your Baking To The Next Level

The baker is only as good as their baking tools.


31 Things From Walmart That'll Help Make You A Better Cook

Get to work, chefs!


If Your Aesthetic Is “Rustic Everything,” You Probably Need These 31 Things From Walmart

Home decor so wonderful, you won't be able to bear it.


27 Surprisingly Attractive Rugs That You Can Get At Walmart

These rugs are so unbelievably fabulous, it won't matter when the rest of your home is a total disaster.


31 Pieces Of Home Decor Under $50 That You Can Get At Walmart

🎶Mirror, mirror on the wall, whose home is the fairest of them all? 🎶


21 Surprisingly Luxurious Beauty Products You Can Get At Walmart

Only the best of the best for the best. ;)


31 Products From Walmart That'll Make Your New Apartment So Much Better

If you don't have a drill kit from day one, you're going to be totally ~screwed~.


31 Things From Walmart To Reward Your Pup For Being A Very Good Dog

Squeakers, ball launchers, brain games, and more to make playtime more fun than ever.


21 Things From Walmart That'll Make Your Cat Purr With Gratitude

If it fits, I sits!


21 Things From Walmart For Anyone Who Wants To Bring Their Dog Everywhere They Go

Oh, the places you'll go – with your pup!


If You're Excited For Baseball Season, You Need These 20 Things From Walmart

Cornhole boards, backpack coolers, and strollers that'll make game day so much more fun.


17 Amazing Gifts From Walmart That Any Sports Fan Will Love

Basketballs, boxing gloves, baseball caps, and terrible towels to prove you're their ~biggest fan~.


17 Things From Walmart You Need For Your Dorm If You're Obsessed With Sports

Bedding? Check. Towels? Check. Gnome knick-knack? ...Check.


15 Things Everyone Should Know About Using Bleach In Their Home

Use bleach to sanitize cutting boards and the kitchen sink!


Here's When You Should (And Shouldn't) Get Rid Of Old Electronics Boxes

Always label your boxes with the date you purchased the product, so you know when the item is no longer under warranty.


18 Unexpected Ways To Repurpose Your Junk

Make drawer organizers out of cereal boxes!


Here's Everything You Need To Know About Getting Rid Of Your Books

FYI, you probably shouldn't try to donate them to your local library.


25 Things You Should Know About Donating Your Stuff To Charity

Here's what you should actually do with the books, clothes, beauty products, and electronics that you don't want anymore.


14 Bathroom Reno Ideas That Are Totally Doable

Paint your fixtures, add paneling to your tub, and hang shelves above the toilet.


12 Ways To Warm Up Your Home Without Running Up The Heating Bill

Clean furnace filters and proper insulation will keep you feeling cozy.


How To Redecorate Your Home When You Have, Like, No Spending Money

Draw fake herringbone tiles on the walls and marbleize your terra-cotta pots.


If Your Apartment Is Too Hot During Winter, These 7 Tips Can Help

Cover the radiator, open the doors, and close the curtains.


10 Things Every Serious Gamer Needs In Their Home Office

Funky decor and some seriously cool gaming gear totally transformed this small space.


16 Borderline Genius Home Improvement Projects That Are Easier Than They Look

Ring in the new year with a new backsplash or cute headboard.


Got A Squatty Potty For Christmas? Here's What You Need To Know

This stool can help you poop faster without straining, which is especially helpful for people who get hemorrhoids.


13 Organization Ideas That Every Neat Freak Will Love

File holders, ice cube trays, and muffin tins can all help organize your home.


15 Ikea Upgrade Ideas That'll Make You Say "Why Didn't I Think Of That?!"

Cover your mirror's frame in gold, add some padding to your bench, and stencil a pattern onto your nightstand.


How Many 2018 Home Decor Trends Did You Try And Love?

Let's find out how trendy you really are.


25 Home Improvement Projects People Actually Pulled Off In 2018

A fixer-upper is definitely worth the effort.


8 Storage Ideas That Will Transform Your Living Room

Build a storage ottoman, side table, or coffee table.


21 Ways To Make Your Home The Coziest Place On Earth

Line this whole house with fuzzy blankets and string lights.


Show Us Your Best Home Improvement Project Of 2018

Whether it's an Ikea hack, set of floating shelves, or total bathroom renovation.


17 Little Things I Wish I'd Known Before Hosting My First Party

Label wine glasses with a Sharpie and wash it off later!


13 Helpful Charts For Anyone Who's Hosting Guests Over The Holidays

A supply list for the guest room, a fridge storage guide, and a conversion chart!


How To Avoid “Brown Friday” This Thanksgiving, According To A Plumber

Plumbers get 50% more calls on the day after Thanksgiving — aka Brown Friday — than any other day.


15 Mistakes People Make When Painting Their Homes, According To An Expert

Stay away from that two-in-one paint primer...


16 Vegetarian Instant Pot Recipes That You'll Want To Eat Every Week

From stews and soups to frittatas and lasagna, the Instant Pot can do it all.


14 Things Real Estate Agents Really Want You To Know

Hire a realtor who lives in the area you're hoping to buy in.


13 Minimalist Halloween Decorations That Are Actually Classy

Haute haunted house.


13 Common Cleaning Mistakes That Can Do More Harm Than Good



13 Adorable Colonial Homes That’ll Make You Want To Move To Connecticut

Home is where the colonial houses are.


16 Cozy Recipes That Don't Have Any Meat

Snuggle up with a gooey grilled vegetable sandwich or a bowl of mashed sweet potatoes.


12 Midwest Fixer Uppers Under $100K That Prove The American Dream Is Real

Can't you picture it?


15 Make-Ahead Recipes That'll Keep You Full When You're Busy

Freezer-friendly chicken marinades, tasty bistro boxes, and a nourishing pasta sauce you'll want to put on everything.


Here's What You Need To Know About Using An Air Purifier After A Wildfire

Purchase extra filters because you'll need to switch them out way more frequently.


9 Little Ways To Reduce The Allergens That May Be Affecting Your Sleep

Always leave your shoes by the front door, so you aren't tracking pollen through your home.


7 Ways To Make Your Bedroom The Most Comfortable Place On Earth

Blue accents, lavender, and softer lightbulbs.


15 "House Hunters" Tweets That'll Make You Want To Watch It Immediately

"My heart goes out to the guy on House Hunters whose only requirement was 'no ghosts' and yet still got shown a house next to a cemetery."


Real Estate Agents, What Do You Wish People Knew About House Hunting?

Is your average day really like an episode of House Hunters?


14 Actually Doable Ways To Make Your Home Instagram-Worthy

Curtains of string lights and easy floating shelves.


12 Recipes To Make This October If You're Trying To Eat Less Meat

If you aren't eating root vegetables, is it even really fall?


15 Spaghetti Squash Recipes That Are Just As Delicious As They Are Filling

*slowly chants* squash boat...squash boat...squash boat...


13 Decorative Organization Ideas For People Who Have A Lot Of Stuff

Hang copper pipes in the kitchen and woven baskets in the bathroom.


15 Before-And-After Photos That Prove The Power Of A Coat Of Paint

Because a coat of paint is almost always the solution.


Can You Guess The Price Of These Homes That Are For Sale In Austin, Texas?

How much does a 4-bedroom house with a pool actually cost?


16 Easy Dinners For Anyone Trying To Eat Less Meat, And Do Less Dishes

No meat and (almost) no cleanup.


If You Like At Least 14 Of These 20 Decor Trends, You're A True Millennial

What's your take on succulents? And rose gold accents?


9 Home Maintenance Tasks That'll Save You Money And Time

How to prevent fires, floods, and broken appliances.


21 Little (But Life-Saving) Things Anyone Apartment Hunting Needs To Know

Check all the outlets, visit at different times, and talk to the neighbors.


17 Incredible Upstate New York Homes You Won't Believe Are Less Than $300K

Whether you want a ton of land, close proximity to Main Street, or a newly renovated farmhouse — there's something you in upstate NY.


8 Important Tips To Keep In Mind Now That Hurricane Season Is Revving Up

Hurricane season goes until November 30, so trim your trees, clean the gutters, and buy an extra portable charger.


What Do You Wish You Had Considered Before You Signed Your First Lease?

"How did I not know there was next to no water pressure in this place?!"


13 Clever Tips That'll Help You Do Your Laundry Better Than Ever

How to save money, time, and your favorite t-shirt.


8 Space-Saving Tricks That You Need To Try In Your Teeny Closet

Utensil rods, shelf dividers, and velvet hangers all maximize space and minimize clutter.


15 Life-Changing Home Hacks Using Things You Probably Already Own

Light a candle with spaghetti, fold shirts with a box, and open a beer with a lighter.


Dorm Life Is Hard, But These 18 Hacks Will Make It Easier

How to get more sleep, maximize space, and decorate in a way that's so you.


7 Soothing Crafts To Try If You're Looking For A New Hobby

Had a long day? Craft. Nervous hands? Craft. Racing thoughts? Craft.


19 Teacher Instagram Hacks That Will Make This School Year The Best One Yet

Just a few ways to save your money, time, and patience.


Do You Clean Your Home Like Everyone Else?

Broom or vacuum? Store-bought cleaner or DIY vinegar spray?


17 Genius Packing Tips That Will Save You Space And Your Sanity

Store your toothbrush in an empty water bottle and pack snacks in a craft box.


22 Useful Money-Saving Tips For Thrifty Moms

Give the kids screen time instead of cash for doing their chores.


9 Pinterest Hacks That Might Just Make Summer A Little More Bearable

The real question is, where am I not sweating?


Decorate A Home And We'll Give You A DIY Project That Suits Your Taste

Is your style more clean, classic, or colorful?


21 Jokes That'll Make Leos Say "All Attention Is Good Attention"

"I'm no longer a sad bitch but a bad bitch, everyone move."


15 Decorating Hacks That'll Trick People Into Believing You're Actually An Adult

"No, of course that's not the dresser I had in my dorm room." 😳


22 Quick Home Hacks That Will Actually Solve A Lot Of Your Problems

How to keep your house in order without actually working that hard.


11 Useful Things You Probably Didn't Know You Could Do With Eggshells

They're seed starters, a great cleaning abrasive, and a calcium supplement for your pup.


14 Dollar Store Hacks That'll Solve A Bunch Of Your Problems

Keep your cleaning supplies in a shower caddy so you can carry them around with you when you're cleaning the whole house.


12 Delicious And Nourishing Weeknight Recipes Food Bloggers Swear By

A light salad, a filling pasta, and a tasty baked chicken.


Cheap Moms, Tell Us About The Clever Hacks That Save You Money

Every little bit helps.


9 Pinterest Hacks That Might Just Make Summer A Little More Bearable

The real question is, where am I *not* sweating?


Decorate A Home And We'll Give You A DIY Project That Suits Your Taste

Is your style more clean, classic, or colorful.


21 Jokes That'll Make Leos Say "All Attention Is Good Attention"

"I'm no longer a sad bitch but a bad bitch. Everybody move.


15 Decorating Hacks That'll Trick People Into Believing You're Actually An Adult

"No, of course that's not the dresser I had in my dorm room." 😬


22 Quick Home Hacks That Will Actually Solve A Lot Of Your Problems

How to keep your house in order without actually working that hard.


11 Cleaning Tips For Anyone Who Has The Sex

This is a public service announcement.


Everyone Needs These 16 Hacks Because, I Mean, Have You Felt This Heat?

Playing outside ain't always fun and games.


18 Tweets That'll Make You Chuckle And Say, "Oh, Ikea"

Ikea drinking game: Take a shot every time someone says, “This is nice.”


24 DIY Projects That'll Make You Say "OMG, I Can Totally Do That"

West Elm dupes, kitchen makeovers, and closet hacks.


15 Ikea Hacks That'll Actually Come In Handy

Hang necklaces from picture ledges and organize cleaning supplies in spice racks.


17 Refrigerators That'll Make You Cancel All Of Your Plans So You Can Clean

Tired: ASMR. Wired: Perfectly arranged produce.


You Need These 12 Hacks If You Hate Waking Up In The Morning

Whether your morning alter ego is crabby, lazy, or forgetful, we've got a hack for you.


15 Little Cleaning Tips That'll Make You Say, "Why Didn't I Think Of That?!"

Don't you dare put those filthy coats straight into storage.


14 Cheap AF Organization Hacks That'll Actually Make Your Life So Much Easier

Organize your cords in toilet paper rolls and clean up your sock drawer with cardboard.


21 Quick Ways To Make Your Bathroom The Best Room In Your Entire House

Have you seen this scrubby brush?!


12 Home Upgrades That'll Make Renters Say "Why Didn't I Know About This Sooner?"

Conceal boob lights with lampshades and hang plants without drilling holes.


16 Household Items You Probably Didn't Know You Could Clean With

Potatoes for a dirty grill and mayo for doodles on the wall.


19 Photos That'll Make You Sing, "I'm Cleaning Out My Closet"

The perfect fold is truly a lost art.


16 Ways To Use Your Dishwasher To Clean Almost Everything You Own

Toys, boots, potatoes, and more.


16 Clever Ways To Re-Use Empty Baby Food Jars

Planters, snack packs, and sewing kits.


16 Dishwashing Hacks That'll Make The Worst Part Of Cooking Way Easier

Stick tiny objects in a mesh shower bag so they don't fall through the racks.


12 Simple Tricks For Making Basic Amazon Furniture Look Fancy As Heck

Inspiring DIYs people have already tried at home.


17 Eco-Friendly Tricks That Will Save You Time And Money

Subscribe to digital magazines, repurpose your food scraps, and recycle old clothes to get discounts on the new.


26 DIYs That'll Make You Look At Your Backyard And Say, "This Is Paradise"

Play with a giant Jenga set, grow greens out of a table, and hang up a bed sheet to swing from the trees.


17 Delicious Overnight Oats Recipes That Future You Will Thank You For

Pumpkin spice or PB&J?


24 Thoughtful DIY Gifts That Won't Cost You A Ton Of Money

Customize a notebook, build a desk zen garden, and print out some temporary tattoos.


17 Photos That'll Make You Say, "Wow, Meal Prep Is Bae"

"I see your PB&J, and raise you a colorful salad."


I'm About To Make Your Day Because These 19 Problem-Solving Hacks Are Genius

How to easily open a jar, clean your white shoes, and keep your lipstick on for hours.


20 Literally Genius Dryer Sheet Hacks You'll Actually Want To Try

Clean deodorant stains, stop your shoes squeaking, and get the static out of your hair.


19 Problem-Solving Hacks Every Car Owner Should Try

How to remove scratches, hide your cash, and cool down your steering wheel.


13 Clever Hacks That'll Make Cleaning Cheaper And Easier

Mop your floors with DIY reusable Swiffer pads and clean your grout with a power scrubber.


15 Borderline-Genius Hacks That'll Hide Storage Space All Over Your Home

Did you know you can stow stuff in the seat of your chair?


20 Hacks That'll Make Your Home Cleaner And More Organized

Line the tops of hard-to-reach cabinets with paper grocery bags so instead of dusting, you can just replace the bags.


7 Genius Ways To Hide A Spare Key If You're Always Forgetting Yours

Because no one will guess that the key is underneath the sprinkler.


17 Ways To Decorate Every Corner Of Your Home With String Lights

Make your curtains glow and backyard trees twinkle.


12 Books For People Who Like Learning Things But Don't Want To Work That Hard

Whether you're interested in science, sex, or politics, we've got something for you.


16 Tweets That'll Make You Cackle Bitterly If You're A Vegetarian

"When people talk about how much they hate salad, they always look at me and say it offends me."


This $10 Brush Set Will Make Cleaning Your Water Bottle So Much Easier

You're probably drinking a lot of germs.


23 Ways To Be A Little Bit Smarter About Your Money

"Think about what you want to buy in terms of the hours it took you to earn that money."


Everything You Need To Know About Washing And Caring For Your Bras

You don't have to like your bras, but you must respect them.


15 Really Cute Ways To Show Off Your Kid's Art

Turn their doodles into magnets with a bit of polymer glue.


22 Genius Baking Hacks That Will Make Dessert Even Better

Turn a crumpled cake into tasty cake pops!


4 Ways To Gift A Bottle Without It Looking Like You Just Forgot To Buy A Gift

Champagne, but make it extra sparkly.


Plan A Self-Care Day And We'll Give You A Soothing Activity

Chill out in your fluffy robe, turn on some chill indie music, and snuggle up.


427 Genius Ways To Make Everything You Own Look More Expensive

As my mother always said: "Fake it 'til you make it."


18 Tweets That Every Sweaty Person Will Relate To

His palms are [always] sweaty, [especially when eating] mom's spaghetti.


22 Tiny Homes That Are So Precious, They'll Melt Your Heart

Dream big, live small.


If You Eat Pizza And Have A Phone, You'll Absolutely Love This Hack

H/T Reddit


This Stovetop Cover Is Perfect For Kitchens With Limited Counter Space

Screw a few pieces of wood together and double your counter space.


15 Delicious Ways To Turn Zucchini Into A Hearty Meal


Your Baby Will Love This DIY Indoor Swing


If You're Good At Budgeting, Please Tell Us Your Secrets


29 Pictures Of Beautiful Bathrooms That'll Actually Calm You Down


17 Ways To Upgrade Your Interior Decor Without Spending A Fortune


17 Delicious Dishes Anyone Can Make With A Can Of Chickpeas


12 Plant Markers That'll Make Literally Every Gardener Say, "Why Haven't I Tried That?"


26 Really Clever Gardening Tricks


8 Inspiring Women Show Us Where They Get Their Most Creative Work Done


21 Clever Ways To Build A Garden In A Small Space


17 Organizing Tricks You Need To Try If You're Obsessed With Pinterest Pantries


16 Backgrounds That Will Brighten Your Day Every Time You Check Your Phone


21 Hacks For Cleaning Up Your Car You'll Be Mad You Didn't Know About Until Now


26 Tips For If You’re Trying To Drink Less Alcohol, For Whatever Reason


This $15 Monthly Book Subscription Is Honestly Life-Changing


19 Simple Ways To Make Your Desk A Happier Place To Be


What's Your Best Advice For Someone Who Wants To Stop Drinking?


15 Soundproofing Tricks To Try If Your Neighbors Are Keeping You Up At Night


15 Ideas That'll Make You Say "I Don't DIY But Now I'm Like Hmm..."


19 Mind-Blowing Pantries That'll Inspire You To Start Spring Cleaning


12 Creativity Tricks That Will Totally Inspire You


Everyone Has A Color That Matches Their Personality — Here's Yours


Here's How You Should Decorate Your Bedroom Based On Your Zodiac Sign


16 Decor DIYs That Are Cuter And Cheaper Than An Ikea Headboard


13 Tricks For Designing With Color That Are Actually Just Super Interesting


18 Home Hacks To Try If You're Always Forgetting Things


13 Little Bedroom Hacks That Will Actually Help You Get More Sleep


11 Easy Organizing Tricks That Helped Me Love My Kitchen Again


15 Genius Tricks For Working Smarter, Not Harder


13 Things In Your Home That You Should Be Cleaning But Probably Aren’t


11 Practical Tips For Anyone Who Hates Their Morning Commute


10 Things I Wish I'd Known Before I Started Cutting Meat From My Diet


15 Gmail Features You Should Definitely Be Using


Build Your Dream Home And We'll Tell You Whether You're More Creative Or Logical


17 Cheat Sheets That'll Help You Work Smarter, Not Harder, Around The House


17 Clever DIYs That Will Make Your Furniture Look Like A Million Bucks


Wanna Find Out How Many Kids You'll Have?


21 Cooking Charts That'll Make Any Foodie Say "Excuse Me, What?!"


Here's How To Get Glitter Out Of Basically Everything


17 Ways To Make Everything In Your Kitchen Smell Downright Heavenly


20 Simple Kitchen Updates That'll Make It Seem Like You Have Your Shit Together


Plan Your Day As A Princess And We'll Reveal Your Perfect Prince


19 Travel Journal Layouts That'll Make You Say "Why Didn't I Think Of That?!"


16 Empowering Stories Of Parents Who Flipped The Script On Gender Roles


25 Beauty Product Organizing Tips That'll Make You Say "Why Haven't I Tried That?!"


We Know Your Dog Breed Based On Your Morning Routine


18 Tweets That Prove That Dogs Are Very, Very Smart But Also Dumb


16 Home Projects That'll Make You Say "OMG, I Can Totally Do That"


Literally just 17 Hilarious Tweets About Batman


21 Real Workspaces That Prove That Everyone Works Differently


15 Doodles That Will Make You Say "OMG Me" If You Ever Procrastinate


How Did You Learn How To Be Handy Around The House?


What Does Your Workspace Look Like?


10 Practical Tips For Staying Warm In Your Home And 9 That Are Just Plain Smart


16 Missed Connections That'll Make You Say "Wait, What??"


19 Ways To Get Your Home In Order If You Have Kids


This Yes Or No Quiz Will Determine How Handy You Are


This Yes Or No Quiz Will Determine How Much Of A Clean Freak You Are


21 Hella Cheap Ways To Make Your Bathroom Look More Expensive


17 People Who Forgot That Alexa Isn't Actually A Real Person


We Know The Exact Size Of Your Heart Based On The Kind Of Snowman You Build


We Can Guess Your Birth Order Based On Your Reaction To These Gifts


Which Decor Trends Need To Die In 2018?


17 Puppers In Sweaters Who Are The True Meaning Of Christmas


19 Real-Life Home Upgrades That Are Actually Doable


12 Essential Tips I Wish I’d Known Before I Signed My First Lease


Are These Holiday Movies Actually Overrated?

17 Products For Raising Infants That Actual Parents Swear By


20 Easy Gift Wrapping Hacks You Still Have Time To Do


Hey Parents, What Product Saved Your Sanity In Your First Year Of Parenting?


19 Deep Thoughts We've All Had In The Back Of An Uber


I Tried The Kitchen Gadget That Says It Can Turn Any Fruit Into Ice Cream


Design Your Dream Bathroom And We'll Reveal What You're Actually Obsessed With


Here's How To Give Every Single Person On Your List A Gift Based On Their Zodiac


Show Us The Best DIY Renovation You've Ever Done


17 Little Habits That'll Actually Make You More Productive


21 Holiday Cheat Sheets That'll You'll Actually Want To Save And Use


Go Out For Froyo And We'll Tell You If You're More Of An Introvert Or Extrovert


How Normal Are Your Chain Restaurant Opinions, Actually?


9 Holiday Hacks That We Know Are Actually Legit


19 Hella Cheap Ways To Make Your Home Look More Expensive


14 Stain Removal Hacks We Know Actually Work Because We Tried Them


Here's $10K; Can You Spend It All At West Elm?


17 Ways To Personalize Your Bedroom If You're A Sagittarius


Miguel's New Album Is Here And, Dear God, Do Not Listen To It In Public


We'll Tell You What Kind Of Friend You Need Based On Your Disney Movie Ratings


Make A Cozy Bed And We'll Give You A Show To Watch On Netflix


Rate This Home Decor And We'll Tell You If You're More Like Chip Or Joanna Gaines


Literally 536 Solutions To All The Cleaning Questions You've Ever Had


19 Tried-And-Tested Ways To Un-Fuck Your Closet


19 Little Ways To Make Your Apartment Look More Put Together


25 Tried-And-Tested Holy Grail Products If Your Skin Is Dry AF


This Game Of 'Would You Rather' Will Stress You Out More Than Your Relatives


18 Little Makeup Tricks That Actually Work


Set This Thanksgiving Table And We'll Give You A Cute Dog To Feed Under It


21 Ways To Make Your House Smell Like Heaven Just In Time For The Holidays


What's The Best Closet Organizing Tip You've Ever Heard?


Here's How To Get Every Type Of Stain Out Of Carpet


What's Your Best Tip For Soothing Dry Winter Skin?


This Gluten-Free Stuffing Recipe Is Even Better Than The Real Thing


I Spent A Week Making Gordon Ramsay Recipes And I Am Legit Changed


I Found A Nail Polish That Doesn't Chip And I'm Obsessed With It


Transform Your $8 Ikea Table 7 Different Ways


Tell Us Your Bathroom Habits And We'll Guess How Often You Cry


What Is The Best Makeup Hack Or Tip You've Ever Learned?


17 Super Simple Thanksgiving Recipes For Feasting With Your Friends


25 Fast, Easy, And Smart Cooking Tricks


We Can Guess The Man You Need Based On Your Food Preferences


If You Have One Of These 5 Items Lying Around, You Can Make A Pillow Case


27 Organizing Tips If You're Feeling Like A God Damn Mess


26 Cooking Hacks Everyone Should Know About


We Can Guess Your Relationship Status Based On Your Fashion Advice


11 Quick And Easy Dinners To Make When You Just Can't


Build Your Dream Coffee Shop To Find Out Your "Friends" Personality


16 Ways To Make Your Room As Dark As Your Soul


Cut Out The Pumpkin Carving With These 9 Projects


9 Coffee Hacks All Caffeine Addicts Need To Know


If You're Throwing A Halloween Party, You Need To Make These 7 Treats


Attention, Wawa Is The Best Gas Station Ever


Tell Us About The Smartest Cooking Hack You Actually Use


32 Kids Who Absolutely Nailed Halloween


Hide All Of Your Shit On These DIY Hideaway Shelves


Sorry, But Is Anyone Else Very Attracted To Kai Anderson In "American Horror Story"?


Gatsby's House Is On The Market And It's Gorgeous


20 Sleepy Tweets That Were Probably Written At 3am, TBH


If You Tell Me Your Opinion, I'll Tell You What Disney Villain You Are


If You Haven't Started Decorating For Halloween, It's Time To Get Your Shit Together


If You're Always Tired, These 17 Illustrations Will Make You Feel So Seen


Hey Parents, Show Us The Costume That Made Your Kids' Halloween


7 Practical Tricks For Decorating a Small Space


Make This Cool AF Sign With A Printed Image And A Scrap Of Wood


15 People Who Deserve To Get An 'A' In Cheating


These 7 Stores Will Recycle All Of Your Old Crap, And Some Will Give You Perks


These 5 Tips Might Make Your Mornings A Little Easier


These 7 Tricks Might Help You Get A Bit More Sleep


Make A Bougie Salad And We'll Reveal Your Hidden Talent


Watch Your Carrots Grow In This Hella Cool Carrot Aquarium


Make Your Bathroom Feel Like A Spa With This Trendy Bathmat


Here Are 13 Facts That Prove That Trees Are Really Fucking Cool


Head To Outback Steakhouse To Find Out What Kind Of Dad You Are


6 Practical Book Hacks Every Reader Will Love


I Finally Tried The Bullet Journal Trend That Everyone's Obsessed With


Melt Hard Candies And Edible Glitter Into An Old Lip Balm Egg For A Sweet Treat


Your Reaction To These Puppies Will Reveal Your Patronus


I Just Learned People Used To Eat Corpses For Medicine And Honestly, It's Only Kind Of



15 Genius Home Decor Tricks That Experts Want You To Know


If You're Obsessed With Plants And Color, You Need These Decor Tips


Just 14 Cartoons That Perfectly Sum Up What Being Single Is Like


Pick Out The Perfect First-Day-Of-School Lunch To Get A Note From Your Mom


25 Things Students Do That Drive Teachers Bonkers


We Need To Talk About Those Giant Backpacks Kids Wear To School


Want To Find Out Who You'll Marry?


These 25 Study Tricks Are Sure To Help You Pass All Of Your Tests This Year


Plan Your 5th Birthday And We'll Tell You When You Had Your First Kiss


15 Anthropologie DIYs That Don't Cost A Ton To Make


Want To Know What Kind Of Mom You'll Be?


13 Products That Are Perfect For Small Spaces, Straight From A Tiny-House Owner


18 Cartoons You'll Totally Understand If You're In A Relationship With Food


Which "Game Of Thrones" Character Are You In Your Friend Group?


Teachers: What's The Most Annoying Thing Your Students Do?


Literally Just 25 Drawings That Completely Understand You


Hey Students, What Smart Study Technique Do You Swear By?


We Tested Gadgets For People Who Suck At Cleaning, And Here's What Actually Worked


Can You Guess Which Furniture Is Most Expensive?


33 Delicious Recipes That You Need For Your Next Trip To Trader Joe's


17 Cute AF Products You Have To Buy If You Are A Woman Who Codes


15 Gorgeous Offices That Make Going To Work A Whole Lot Cooler


7 Nifty Tutorials That Will Help You Get Every Kind Of Stain Out


17 Useful Hairstyling Hacks You Should Know About


Take A Trip To Disney And We'll Guess What Kind Of Personality You Had As A Kid


14 GoT Fans That Turned Themselves Into Characters And It's So Good It's Scary


15 Renter-Friendly Decor Tricks That Are Totally Gorgeous


15 Tattoos That You Totally Get If You've Ever Taken An Art History Class


15 Trendy Earrings That You Can Make Instead Of Buy


21 Borderline Genius Packing Tips That Will Save Space And Your Sanity


14 Ways To Save On The Wedding Of Your Dreams


20 Cheap Ways To Keep Your Kids Occupied This Summer Rain Or Shine


23 Times Colorful Walls Tragically Ruined A Home


20 Ideas For Making Your Home Look Classy AF For Under $20


Going On Vacation Is Hard Work So Tell Us How You Pack Your Bags


Only A Self-Proclaimed Clean Freak Can Ace This Quiz


How Do You Actually Pack Light For Vacation?


35 Simple Ways Spray Paint Can Make Your Home Look More Expensive


17 Photos Of Meals That Are Too Beautiful To Eat


16 Ways To Take Advantage Of The Magical Powers Of Lavender


20 Ways To Make Your Bed The Most Comfortable Place On Earth


Your Taste In Living Room Decor Says A Lot About Which "Friends" Character You Are Most Like


Help Each Other Make Fathers Day 2017 The Best One Yet


21 Ways To Turn Your Backyard Into A Magical Freaking Oasis


Design A Tiny House And We'll Tell You Where To Vacation Next


I Tried 10 Ridiculously Popular Pinterest Beauty & Style Hacks IRL And The Results Were Mixed


10 Common Kitchen Tool Mistakes To Avoid


17 Useful Charts To Help You Find, Land, And Love The Perfect Job


19 Mouthwatering Recipe Ideas To Try With Your Favorite Person


Design Your Dream Kitchen And We'll Reveal Your Best Quality


11 Helpful Tips For People Who Want To DIY But Kind Of Suck At It


17 Borderline Genius Cooking Tips From Your Favorite TV Chefs


42 Borderline Genius Ikea Upgrades That Only Look Expensive


Use PVC Pipe And A Hair Dryer To Dry Out Your Boots In Half The Time


Catch Your Caps With This Magnetic Mounted Bottle Opener


17 Easy Dinners That You Can Cook And Eat For A Whole Week


Here Are A Few Things To Try If You Feel Economically Illiterate


Fixing Your Toilet Handle Is Actually Really Easy To Do On Your Own


3 Ways To Gift A Memory


4 Genius Mason Jar Upgrades That You Should Be Using In Your Kitchen


19 Home Improvement Tips For People Who Are Deathly Afraid Of Axe Murderers


Decorate Your Home With This Personalized Concrete Hand DIY


7 Ways To Use Dish Soap That Will Change Your Life


9 Puppy GIFs That Are Easily The Cutest Thing You've Seen All Day


Turns Out That Ice Cube Trays Are The Unlikely Solution To These 4 Problems


How To Transform A Wood Pallet Into A Crazy Functional Shelf


How To DIY A Cozy Headboard That Only Looks Expensive


This Moon Lamp Is Hipster Trendy Without The Price Tag


11 Artists That Behaved Like Real Humans At The Grammys


5 Hair Dryer Hacks That You've Probably Never Tried Before


This Clever Homemade Gyroscope Is Just A Soda Bottle With Tape And An Underhand Throw


This DIY Wall Art Is A Great Way To Hang Photos Of Your Long-Distance Boo


14 Tips That Will Inspire You To Clean Your Bathroom Even When Relatives Aren't Visiting


Wrap A CD Rack In Rubber Bands To Make This Hipster-Ish Light


Save The Environment By Saving Your Bags In This Neat Grocery Bag Holder


34 Cute Valentine Cards That You'll Actually Want To Make


39 Desk DIYs That Won't Feel Like Work


Hang All Your Beautiful Crap By Making These Gorgeous Copper Ladders


If Your Leather Looks Tired, Make This Clever 3-Item Cleaner


Making This Life-Changing Wine Caddy Will Be The Smartest Thing You've Done All Year


Making These Touchscreen Gloves Is Way Cheaper Than Buying Them

♫ I said BRR. It's cold in here. There must be some ice in the atmosphere. ♫

Make This Weatherproof, Insulated Cat Shelter To Keep Your Cat Cozy Outdoors

Because Madame Caterine deserves to feel pampered.


You've Been Cutting These 7 Vegetables Wrong Your Whole Life

I like cornbread and collard greens... And asparagus and peppers and cauliflower.

These Borderline Genius Tattoo DIYs Are Quick And Painless

Because the real thing hurts. A lot.

This Eggcellent Science Experiment Is Better Than Brunch

Not the latest brunch trend, but still cool.

This Clever Soap DIY Will Really Soften Up Your Skin

This is au naturale.

This Genius DIY Disguises All Your Plastic Bags In An Upcycled Soda Bottle

All things useless can be made useful, again.

Be The Envy Of All Your Friends With This Clever DIY Coat Rack

Just a bunch of rebel hangers switchin' up the game.

Protect Your Contouring Efforts With This Cheap, Natural Setting Spray

Careful, your cake-face is melting.

3 Cheap 2-Ingredient Ways To Banish Color Bleed

Quite possible the most traumatizing of all chores.

This 2-Ingredient Soap Is Super Squishy

Never drop the soap again.

This Simple-Stitch Cape Will Keep You So Freaking Warm

Edna was wrong: Capes are awesome.

The Easiest Possible Way To Never Slip In Heels Again

If you don't walk like a crab in heels, you've got skills.

How To Make A Neon Sign That Says Whatever You Want

Get that ~mood~ lighting... For when you're in the mood to rock.

Turn Your Crappy Old Leggings Useful With This Easy DIY Knot Pillow

They kind of look like intestines, but in a cute way.

This Dry Ice Sublimation Experiment Will Probably Blow Your Mind


Use Elastic Bands And Hook And Loop Tape To Make This Grid Organizer

It's the little things... That are so darn hard to organize.

3 Unexpected and Easy Ways To Tie Your Shoes

Lace up.

21 Trendy Urban Outfitters Pieces You Can Make Yourself Instead

When the price tag makes you cry, DIY.

This DIY Ice Cream Is A Delicious Science Experiment

Watch it transform before your very eyes.

Creep Everyone Out With This Rubber Egg Trick

Science is wacky.

Make Your Bath Work Double Time With These Homemade Cold Relief Bath Salts

There are not enough tissues in the world.

Make This Crazy Cool Invisible Ink Marker Using Just 3 Ingredients

Most likely how the Founding Fathers did it in the National Treasures version of history.

Make This Color-Changing Goo And Be Entertained For Days

Netflix? Nah, I'm good.

Get Organized With These Simple DIY Rotating Peg Boards

That swivel is so smooth.

6 Items That Totally Overreact To Being Microwaved

Don't try this unless you want to seriously piss off your microwave.

3 Kitchen Science Experiments That Are Basically Magic

Science is for cool kids.

23 Genius Solutions To Issues Every Car Owner Faces

So many people have written "wash me" in the dirt, it's almost clean.

13 Ways To Not Kill Your Indoor Plants

You raised them as your own... and then slaughtered them mercilessly.

How To Easily Make Your Own Minimalist Concrete Decor

Use these minimalist magnetic pots to grow succulents, store loose jewelry, or hold a candle.

10 Ways To Use File Holders To Bring Some Order To Your Life

The neat freak in you will cry tears of joy.

16 Literally Perfect Closets That Will Inspire You To Get Organized

You get a hanger! You get a hanger! You get a hanger!

This DIY Head Massager Is So Easy To Make, It Will Give You Chills

You will squirm and squeak and skidaddle and skeedledeedoop.

4 Reasons The Inventor Of The Muffin Tray Is A Bloody Genius

The top of the muffin is the only good part anyways.

These Crystal Candles Are Magically Easy To Make

Double, double, toil and trouble.

This Two-Ingredient Cleaner Will Make Stainless Steel Look Brand New

You do deserve nice things.

Spend Exactly Zero Dollars Building A Bookstand Out Of A Hanger

You're amongst the learned folk, but money is, in fact, a thang.

Install A Dimmer Switch In 10 Minutes And Feel Like A Boss

Whatever you do, don't cut the red wire.

This Therapeutic Dough Will Keep You Sane All Day

This is the one easy thing you will do all day.

Save Space With These DIY Roll-And-Stow Drawers

Tiny spaces are so chic right now.

Cover Your Apartment With These Super Soft DIY T-Shirt Mats

Yo, dude, your mat is, like, vintage soft.

7 Cutting Techniques You Need To Know If You Eat Way Too Much Fruit

If you have never sliced your finger opening an avocado, you are not human.

This DIY Wooden Bike Rack Will Look Gorgeous On Your Wall

Rest on your laurels, bike, you deserve it.

These Hipster Bookends Will Give Your Library New Light

Unless you're a Kindle reader—then, you can just GTFO.

3 Fancy AF Ways To Turn A Gift Bow Into The Real Gift

I'm a motherfckin' star bow.

17 Gifts For Your Friend Who Just Won't Stop Talking About Poop

It's all a bunch of crap.

7 Napkin Folding Techniques That Will Blow Your Guests Away

Your dining table is gonna look so fly.

These Two Ingredients Will Make Your Cookie Sheets Look Like New

They're so clean, you could eat off them.

4 Ways To Turn A Mason Jar Into An Awesome Gift

Four gifts that will fit anyone on your Nice List.

Keep Your Bathroom Clean With This Unexpected Beard Grooming Apron

Respect the beard.

4 Insanely Creative Christmas Light Hacks That Are Easy AF

What's higher than number one?

This Paper Cup Gift Box Will Save Your Christmas Presents And Your Wallet

Please, sir, may I have some more?

Let It Snow On Your Christmas Tree With This Neat Trick

This time, it won't look like your tree has dandruff.

Build A Savory Gingerbread House With A Cheese Hot Glue Gun

Because gingerbread is, like, so last year.

Decorate Like Crate & Barrel On A Budget With These Beautiful Twine Bowls

You'll totally rope 'em in.

Your Pet Will Be So Happy To Sleep In A Bed You Made For Them

I could hold you in my (sweater) arms forever.

This DIY Lip Gloss Won't Break The Bank But It Will Break Some Crayons

Crayola > MAC

This Mug Is Perfect For Anyone That Loves Hot Drinks

Even better: They're dishwasher-safe!

This Ingenious Wrapping Trick Will Make Secret Santa Even Easier

Saint Nick's got nothing on you.

Upcycle Your Old Candle Jars Into This Clever Makeup Organizer

Because waste is just a lack of imagination.

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