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Emily is a writer & editor based in Brooklyn. As the Wix Restaurants blog editor, she hires freelance writers, assigns stories, manages designers, and collaborates with social media strategists.


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Wix Restaurants

Caring for Your Community is Just Good Business

Profit, people, and planet are not mutually exclusive.


Smoke is the Smell of Starting Over

Growing up near the Everglades, I got used to the idea that sometimes things need to burn in order to grow.

Why Are Parents So Upset At The Idea of Scrapping G&T Programs?

NYC schools are among the most segregated in the nation. Replacing G&T programs with inclusive, research-based models​ could make a huge difference.

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Zoe Adjonyoh Wants You to Eat More African Cuisine

Adjonyoh on her professional journey as a queer chef, her struggle to break away from her role as the token Ghanaian chef, and the joys of having a partner to share her work with.  


You're Drinking Champagne Wrong

Why the type of glass you pour your bubbly in actually matters.


The Statement Rug That Finally Made My Apartment Feel Like Home

Finding an attractive, affordable, and eco-conscious rug was no easy task.


In Jeopardy of Failing to Rise

A collection of eight stories adapt the Black Bildungsroman for modern-day realities.

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