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Highlighted Works

Chef Ji Hye Kim, owner of Miss Kim

Profit, people, and planet are not mutually exclusive.

A close-up on a gator's eye

Growing up near the Everglades, I got used to the idea that sometimes things need to burn in order to grow.

NYC schools are among the most segregated in the nation. Replacing G&T programs with inclusive, research-based models​ could make a huge difference.

Mayor Bill de Blasio and Schools Chancellor Carranza visit a pre-K classroom
Inflation_Feature 920X608.png

Because inflation increases operating costs and decreases consumer spending, it makes it more difficult for small businesses to maintain strong profit margins.

Chef Zoe Adjonyoh

Adjonyoh on her professional journey as a queer chef, her struggle to break away from her role as the token Ghanaian chef, and the joys of sharing her work with her partner.  

Champagne in a coupe glass

The science behind your bubbly and the glass that carries it.

How to bulid an LGBTQIA.png

With anti-LGBTQIA legislation coming back with a vengeance, making queer people feel welcome in your business can be more meaningful than you can imagine.

The book cover of Drinking Coffee Elsewhere by ZZ Parker.

In Jeopardy of Failing to Rise

A collection of eight stories adapt the Black Bildungsroman for modern-day realities.

[Series] How I made this_ Isshi(920_608) (1).png

Isshī's website breaks all the rules. Here's why it works.

A look behind the curtain at the jewelry designer's magical website.

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